2019 IB Art exhibition features ASD’s most talented artists


Photographer: Mackenzie Wheatley

J. Hazzouri (’19) smiles before her eerie yet skillful exhibition, “Emotional Influence of Societal Standards.”

Ava F., Arts Section Editor

The American School of Doha’s 2019 IB Art Year 2 exhibition, featuring the talent and hard work of some of the school’s best artists, took place last weekend, and it was a huge success.

Every student enrolled in IB Art presents their best works curated over the two-year course at this yearly exhibition. The students have all chosen a theme that connects their artworks, with small text boxes beneath each artwork giving an insight to their motivations and thoughts that led them to making every original work.

Additionally, some students placed detailed and intriguing pages next to their works, which broke down the construction processes of certain pieces through very carefully recorded steps. Some students also placed meticulous studies of other artists they’re interested in on the wall as well.

Ms. Elizabeth Chaffee and Ms. Rachael Huddleston, ASD’s new and devoted art teachers, put much of their hard work into setting up and preparing the students for this exhibition. On the day of the event, platters of fruits and sweets lined the tables, piano music gently played as parents and students alike got a chance to browse through the many stunning works set up around the art wing.

The pieces are still up for the next few weeks, so anyone interested in viewing the hard work of ASD’s visual arts stars should be sure to stop by!