STUCO Christmas candy sale sweetens week before holiday


Photographer: Picasa

Mary G., Reporter

Christmas is coming, and it’s coming fast! It’s  time for the delicious treats and the festivities!

Thankfully, our school is participating in such traditions as the Christmas Candy sale.

The candy sale will be happening on the 15th, 16th and 17th of December, the last days before the holiday break.

“For the next 3 days next week, the Student Council will be having special sales in cookies and candy,” stated A. Merzougui, a senior representative of the student council. He added that the most popular request is for candy canes every year.

This sale’s positive outcomes are not just satisfying students through festive treats, but also to raise money for entertaining events the Student Council is planning, such as the winter formal.

Last week’s candy sale was also a smashing success, as people flooded around tables and bought sweets, gingerbread houses, Santa hats, and Christmas decorations.

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