Doha Stitches returns to ASD

Photographer: Marcia Carlson
Doha Stitches volunteers visited regularly this winter with ASD student volunteers, passing on valuable skills and passing on the satisfaction of helping others with their hands-on crafts.

Hamzah C., Senior Editor-in-Chief

Doha Stitches, a local organization that works to create hand-crafted items for patients at Hamad Medical Corporation hospitals, has returned to the ASD campus for the second time this year to work with student volunteers. 

The organization first came to ASD last February but has been operational for several years. Started by a group of expatriate women seeking to make a positive difference in the local community, members of Doha Stitches make a variety of items, like handmade teddy bears for children in the pediatric unit at Hamad Hospital, comfort pillows for women who have recently undergone surgery for breast cancer treatment, or octopus plushies that reduce stress in prematurely born infants.

At ASD, students attend bi-weekly meetings with members of the organization to contribute to its efforts. By working closely with experienced crafters, a few students have learned the art of crochet, which is used to make many of the items that Doha Stitches donates. Other volunteers have helped organize a fabric drive, collecting the material essential for creating medical play dolls and toys that are used to help children understand medical procedures before entering the operating room. When asked how they felt about volunteering with the organization, one student responded, “Doha Stitches is really important because not only are we learning new skills such as crochet, we are able to use those skills to create various items and give back to people who are in need of comfort.”

Last year, Doha stitches donated over a hundred teddy bears to Hamad General Hospital’s pediatric unit. ASD students interested in getting involved can contact Mr. Shang for further details.  

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