A trash-tastic day for NJHS chapter trip


Photographer: Dr. Annalice Hayes

Multiple fishing nets were found during the cleanup despite them being miles away from the ocean.

Ranad B. and Hannah S

The day started out like this: The sun rose to the beginning of a blisteringly hot day. Students woke from their blissful sleep and met at ASD, ready to face the day and provide service for their community. Students gathered for the opportunity to provide service.

On Friday, Jan. 25, the National Junior Honours Society (NJHS) and the Doha Environmental Action Group conducted a service trip to the Singing Sand Dunes for a rubbish clean-up. Dr. Annalice Hayes, Ms. Emma  Collins, and Mr. Kevin Johnston–all middle school educators–were the supervisors of the students for this trip and helped to plan the outing.

This collaboration between the Doha Environmental Action Group and NJHS was arranged for members to go on a trip for community service in Qatar by helping to clean up the environment. Both clubs boarded the buses and split into groups, climbing the sand dunes and working together to clean the area.

The trip had originally been planned for a beach, but the Doha Environmental Action Group organization had believed that the Singing Sand Dunes needed more aid with trash clean-up and had wanted to collaborate with the students in NJHS in this trip.

The Doha Environmental Action Group, also known as DEAP, is an organization in Qatar that has assisted in many clean-ups for the environment and conducts trips like these every Friday. This trip with the NJHS students was, in fact, their 85th trip planned.

Despite only spending about only an hour at the Singing Sand Dunes cleaning, ASD students collected 18 full garbage bags of trash. DEAP is sponsored by Qatar Petroleum, which allows for the organization to leave the garbage bags in certain areas. DEAP will come to pick the bags up at a later time.

As DEAP and the NJHS groups cleaned, many were delighted to find an assortment of interesting items, including playing cards, tea cups, diapers, and a few tarpaulin nets, which brought a few laughs but also sadness for the participants to see.

Dr. Hayes was pleased with the outing. She said, “I think the whole trip was just awesome. It was an optional trip, so I was pleased so many students wanted to go in the first place. It was 25 students, and it was a Friday, so not only did they want to go, but they wanted to go on a weekend.”