Art for Hearts hits the ground running


Photographer: Hannah B.

Many ASD high schoolers gathered for the first meeting of the Arts for Hearts Club this year for the chance to learn more about service through art.

Kelsey D., Reporter

ASD’s art service club, Art for Hearts, has shown a significant increase in eager participants with artistic abilities to better the ASD community and show off their artistic talents. Leading the group, club president A. Fritz (’20) and her club’s service advisor, Ms. Elizabeth Chaffee, have many projects planned for this inventive club.

For those who have made this club their commitment, they meet every Monday. And if you’re busy Mondays but interested in joining, don’t worry. The club extends to include students with other obligations who can help whenever they are available, as support members.

The Arts for Hearts club showcased their art in the Fine Arts Hall for high school students.  Photographer: Lucas S.

Art for Hearts currently has a mural for the high school in the works. They are also looking to create art for the security guard rooms as well as posters and artwork for various clubs around ASD. According to Fritz, the club is currently working on Sustainable Development Goal artwork for ASD.

But the club doesn’t stop at ASD’s walls. In the past, the club has created canvas paintings for Hamad Hospital and sent artwork to a school in Bangladesh. Club members were given photos of Bangladeshi students and asked to draw the children as superheroes. Their completed artworks were then sent back to Bangladesh for the kids to enjoy. It has been confirmed that they will continue providing art for Hamad Hospital and carry on with other related activities.

As another continuation from last year, Art for Hearts plans to teach ASD’s elementary school kids how to create their own art, by teaching basic art techniques like drawing, printmaking, coloring, and painting, in hopes of encouraging artwork within ASD and promoting emotional wellbeing.

The club’s social media manager of the club, H. Barnes (’20), said that some of the club’s many plans are already underway for the ASD community, they aim to complete the planning stage for more as soon as possible.

The aim of the club, said President Fritz (’20), is “to draw the ASD arts community closer together and demonstrate that art is not just a means for entertainment — it can be a way to give back to others and our draw people together.”