ASD Academic Games teams dominate in Kuwait


Photographer: Ishwar K.

The varsity teams celebrated their overall win.

Ishwar K., Reporter

After hours and hours of after-school practices and strategy sessions, the ASD Academic Games teams emerged victorious in their season-ending tournament. Both JV and varsity teams returned from an Academic Games Invitational hosted by AIS Kuwait.

In addition to the 15-minute buzzer rounds, known as “Quiz Bowl” rounds, there were various Olympiads, such as the Arts Olympiad, the Math Olympiad, and the Current Events Olympiad. These Olympiad results, along with the results in the Quiz Bowl rounds, contribute to a team’s overall standing. 

A round-robin format tournament was played with the Quiz Bowl rounds to eliminate four teams. Next, 20-minute quarterfinal Quiz Bowl rounds were played to eliminate four more. 

The semi-finals and third-place playoff Quiz Bowl rounds were also 20 minutes long, and the finals were 25 minutes long.

The teams were ecstatic about their wonderful performances in the Quiz Bowl segment of the Academic Games competition. Photographer: Ishwar K.


ASD’s Junior Varsity team won convincingly in the Quiz Bowl finals with 148 points to the host team’s 44 points, and their varsity teams managed second and third place.

ASD’s JV teams earned first- and fourth-place finishes in the Quiz Bowl rounds, first in the overall standings, and they bagged a Sportsmanship Award. ASD’s varsity teams were overall champions and managed second and third place in the Quiz Bowl rounds.

The Spelling Olympiad doubled as a qualifier for the Spelling Bee. In Junior Varsity, ASD took the first three spots. These were the students occupying those spots:

  • I. Karthik (’22)
  • S. Ali (’22)
  • Y. Oh (’22)

Oh finished in first place in the Math Olympiad, while Y. Demir (’21) earned a second-place award in the Geography Olympiad, and ASD’s Varsity teams were first overall for Current Events. 

The JV teams were all smiles after their exceptional performances in Kuwait.
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