ASD celebrates Sustainability Week – Are you part of the solution?


Nabiha H., Freelance

The American School of Doha kicked off its celebration for ‘Sustainability Week’ in Qatar, that commenced on the 27th of October and ran until the 3rd of November. Every year, thousands of citizens all over Qatar celebrate this event. Sustainability Week allows individuals and organizations to come together to Increase awareness of the need for environmental protection – an action desperately needed in order to achieve a long-term ecological balance of our planet.  


ASD’s theme, “Are you part of the solution?”, aspired to help the students, staff, and the community to become more aware of issues affecting global sustainability. The week also encouraged individuals to take action in our local community to promote sustainable practices. As part of this event, 8th-grade learning service students designed a series of learning opportunities for the middle school. These opportunities were aimed at encouraging students to fundamentally change their mindsets, with the hope that they could learn the many ways it is possible to contribute when it comes to reducing our impact on the planet. In addition, The students also worked in collaboration with Torba Market – who sell environmentally friendly products all over Qatar – by selling a wide variety of sustainable items, such as biodegradable pots, eco-friendly plates and cups, cutlery, and reusable bags.


The learning service class also set up stations where students could plant seeds in biodegradable pots and held a mini-lesson to teach fellow students the value of sustainability. A group of middle school students also went to Oxygen Park to compete in a Dome Building Competition, sponsored by Engineers Australia, together with the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering at Qatar University and Qatar Green Building Council. Our 8th grade and 6th-grade student-engineers had a challenging and enriching time working together with engineers and sustainability professionals to learn more about sustainable construction.


The ASD community has taken significant steps to work towards becoming a Green Flag Eco-School. ASD launched a Sustainability Committee in 2017, which is comprised of students, parents, and staff members. Later that year, they removed all single-use plastic bottles from cafeterias. In 2018, The committee and divisional Eco Councils launched a paper recycling program and was able to reduce waste being sent to landfills by almost 30 percent. The school also avoided the use of over 80,000 plastic water bottles with the ‘Go Refillable’ campaign, which is still in place to this day. Most recently, students have also visited Kaharamma Sustainability Park to learn about renewable energy sources and water conservation.  With the help of Chevron Phillips Chemical company, the school has also ordered large industrial sized composters, which will be arriving shortly. In the meantime, our high-school environmental club and elementary students already have small composting efforts underway to help sustain the environment.


ASD continues to work towards positive change for ourselves, our school, our community, and our planet.