ASD Times introduces new phone access


Ayoub M, Promotions Manager

For the past few weeks, ASD high school students and faculty have been able to access ASD Times for free on their smartphones.

Although the ASD Times staff has subscribed to Student Newspapers Online (SNO) as a host for their content for several years, they have only recently been able to easily offer phone access.

Student News Source collaborates with SNO to offer phone access for any of their student news sites, and HS Principal Michael Roberts approved ASD Times‘ trial subscription for the 2019-20 school year.

While readers with Qatar-based Google Play accounts initially had trouble accessing ASD Times, SNO addressed the issue and believes the app should now be available for Android users in the country, no matter how they make payments.


If readers want to access the new phone app whether, on Android or Apple, they should search up Student News Source. These QR codes can make things easier:

Download the Student News Source app, and once it is downloaded, open the app.

You will be given an option to select the school, so start by searching for the “American School of Doha.”

Select it.

Customize what push notifications you would like to receive.

Please pass on comments about your experience downloading or using the app. The ASD Times staff would like to understand how to make news and feature information available to everyone!




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