ASD’s JV girls’ basketball team unshaken by QF Sandra defeat


Photographer: Claire R.

ASD basketball JV team plays offense against QF team, ready to score.

Claire R. and Ranad B.

Not long before their trip to Russia, ASD’s JV Girls Basketball team lost against the Qatar Foundation Sandra JV team 29-47. Still, their coach was pleased with the overall result as the team prepared for Moscow.

N. Boutaleb (’22) was one of the best offensive players, and also the top ASD scorer with more than 10 points under her name. Along with her, M. Elbashir (’22) was the top rebounder, and M. Golding (’21) was the top ASD assist leader, handling the ball and passing it to her teammates. The Dragons were also, unfortunately, quite foul-prone and struggled with their defense.

In addition, several changes to the normal lineup affected the Dragons’ play. Golding replaced N. Vahdat (’21) as the starting point guard after Vahdat was injured mid-December. Vahdat said she knew that her injury would impact the team, as someone who “wouldn’t be as used to playing point guard” was put in instead. Post player C. Mundy (22’) was also injured during the game after being elbowed in the stomach; the blow knocked the wind out of her.

The Sandra Qatar Foundation team played strongly though, as the team made great passes and shots while acquiring a number of rebounds. Despite their fouls, they had great technique and many different plays.

Coach Dubois commented that she noticed that the ASD team will have to work on finding more ways to score. She also said that while there were many great attempted shots, not many were going in.

Still, the team’s 2-3 zone performed well, and they effectively shut down the taller players on the other team. With this, Coach Dubois believes that the JV Girls would be well-prepared for the trip to Russia: “We don’t know who we’ll play, but we need competition. We’re ready for it.”