ASD’s “Once On This Island” musical promises to be a hit


Photographer: Ava F.

ASD cast practices the musical number “The Ball” in preparation for the upcoming show.

The long-awaited annual ASD high-school musical is nearly ready for the curtains to be opened, as both the cast and crew scramble to prepare for the big first night.

This year, the cast is taking on “Once On This Island,” a breathtaking story of love, loss, and resilience. Placed on an island divided between the wealthy and the poor, a poverty-stricken girl named Ti Moune is caught in a gamble among deities, as the gods that reign over her island debate over the power of love and death. Using Ti Moune as a pawn in their argument, the gods compel Daniel Beauxhomme of the wealthy side of the island to crash his car on her side, sealing Ti Moune’s love for him, but their romance turns out to be a rather messy affair. A tale of struggle and loyalty, “Once On This Island” is sure to be a must-see show.

The stunning production is the result of the considerable efforts of directors Ms. Stephanie Gravelle and Mr. Renato LunaDezonne. They and the cast have worked week in and week out to ensure that the musical is a show-stopper. The cast and crew have spent every weekday aside from Tuesdays practicing from 3-5 pm, and they have come in on Saturday mornings to perfect their performances.

Ms. Gravelle says that “organization is key to putting on a successful show.” She acknowledged that the production stems from the involvement of approximately 100 individuals, making “[it] a huge team effort.”

The major component of the production, naturally, is the musical cast. The members look forward to the performance, as they all have a passion for theater and excitement for the story itself. C. Headley (’22), a freshman in the ensemble, cheerfully noted that “the main characters are really good at acting, and their emotion really shows.” She said that the acting is very powerful in the piece, and “people will probably cry during it.”

A. Sadig (‘19), the musical’s female lead and a seasoned ASD Musical participant, shared in this emotion and expressed her excitement for her role as Ti Moune: “I’m really excited… It’s a lot of hard work, but this role is so fun and different from anything I’ve done before.”

Other main actors agree with that notion, as the quirky and dramatic characters of the musical are sure to be fun to play and captivating for the audience to watch.

All in all, “Once On This Island” promises to be an emotion-filled production of outstanding acting, singing, and dancing, all due to the effort and teamwork of the cast and crew. Audiences should be on the edge of their seats in anticipation for the musical’s date as it is sure to be a hit!