Ask Anonymous Post #6


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Sleep . . . so good. So . . . far away . . .

“How to deal w/ insomnia? I want to sleep :(“



First of all, congratulations on being our first post of the year! I hope everyone else is still alive!

Okay, now on to business.

Sleeping is important, yes, but especially when you’re a high school student. Now, what I’m telling you isn’t a professional method, so if it gets really bad, I highly suggest talking to a doctor. The tips that I’m about to point out work for most people.

  • Make a sleep schedule → I know that sounds weird. “How does a sleep schedule help you sleep? Won’t I just end up still awake in bed?” However … having a sleep schedule that is consistent every day not only ensures that you’re going to bed at proper, regular times, but it also gets your body used to a consistent schedule. This repetition will ensure a consistent circadian rhythm, the internal ‘timer’ of your body.
  • Don’t use electronics before you sleep → Okay, so this habit might be one of the hardest to implement. After all, most of us stay up late to do homework then fall asleep soon after, right? Well, it is still possible to look away from the screen for just five minutes before sleeping, walk around your house for a bit so you’re not stationary and so your eyes have time to adjust from the direct light. Spending some time to yourself before sleeping will help too with relaxing your body and mind.
  • And last, don’t clock-watch! → Have you ever fallen asleep at a nice, early time, only to find yourself a few minutes later staring at the clock ticking away, unable to fall back asleep? Actually, the best way to go back to sleep is to NOT clock-watch. Obsessing over how little time you have left to sleep … makes you not sleep. Don’t do it!

These are just some suggestions. They are by no means the ONLY ways to get some sleep! You can try aromatherapy (tried it, 10/10, guys!) or reducing the caffeine drinks you consume. Exercising during the day also tires out your body and helps you fall asleep at night as well. So many different ways to fall asleep! No matter what methods you choose to follow, it is important to persevere through the first week to witness the effectiveness. Nothing grows in a day!

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“I hate one of my classes with a passion, the people suck, the teacher sucks, the course sucks, EVERYTHING SUCKS but I’m not failing in it so the teacher won’t recommend me to drop it. How should I maintain my sanity?!?!?”

– FailingNotFailing

Dear FailingNotFailing,

I’m sorry to see that you’re struggling with this class. Based on the fact that you imply you could drop this class, I’ll assume you’re taking an elective or an AP/IB class (since you mentioned you could drop it). This situation can be pretty challenging.

First of all, maybe speak to your counselor. I’m sure if you tell them about your troubles, they’ll at least see if it’s still possible to drop out — If it’s AP/IB, it’s most likely not possible until at least the semester — or help you find a solution. Perhaps you could switch to a different class or teacher who might help you more.

If you don’t have a free block, maybe your could consider dropping an elective, so you can get a free block, which might in turn help you become less stressed and get more time to work on that difficult course.

Another thing you could do is try to get external help. The teachers will (read: should) help students with their classes. If your teacher is awesome, you both should be able to meet up to go over what you don’t understand (if they aren’t, good luck).

Yet another idea: the Student Tutoring Organization wasn’t made just to look nice at our school! You can get tutoring or advice from the lovely members of this organization — they are all ready to help!

Last, try to reduce overall stress on yourself to make this class more bearable. Giving yourself breaks, eating healthy, and getting some exercise all should help you reduce stress and (hopefully) make you feel better about this class. If you can’t drop out, you’ll just have to power through it, and while that’s hard, it will end eventually. It’s only a year (or two), and even if you don’t get the best grade, it’s better than dropping out of the class.

I hope this helps you! 😀

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