Black Panther Review


Marvel Studios

Saisha D. & Solana B.


The movie Black Panther was released early this year. It is about a man named T’Challa who returns to his home, Wakanda, after the recent death of his father. Wakanda is a country in Africa that hides the secret of a mineral called vibranium, a substance that gives the residents great power and unlimited energy.  When T’Challa returns, he is crowned king, though he feels he is not ready. Every year the people of Wakanda have the opportunity to challenge the sitting king of Wakanda, but nobody ever does. That is, not until Erik Killmonger. Previously unknown to the tribe, Erik challenges T’Challa. In a great fight, Erik throws T’Challa from a cliff, believing he has killed him. Erik plans to use vibranium to create weapons and cause a world war to rid the world of half of its population, those he feels to be his enemies.  T’Challa survives the fall and gathers allies to return to Wakanda. He challenges Erik to another fight, defeating him this time and returning the country to peace.


Black Panther is a wonderful film, worth watching. From the spectacular representation of a predominantly African-American cast to a powerful storyline, you will not be disappointed when watching the film. When the movie first hit cinemas, there were many positive comments about the movie throughout social media and interviews, praising the movie about the African country of Wakanda. The movie was as good as the comments praised it to be.

One thing that made me very engaged in the movie was its female empowerment. There were many strong female characters in the movie such as Nakia and Okoye who were powerful fighters. Throughout the film, several scenes of fierce fights showed that women are as powerful as men, which made the film more enjoyable. Another strong female character in the film was T’Challa’s younger sister Shuri, who is responsible for creating Wakanda’s modern technology, showing women are as smart as men.

Aside from the strong female empowerment in this film, the actors did an outstanding job of portraying the characters. The acting was emotive and realistic, making it appealing to watch. The movie did a fantastic job of intertwining the African culture with the actors with heavy accents of the indigenous South African language Xhosa, the costumes and much more. 

Another amazing thing about the film was the engaging plot. The movie had multiple plots — from the Black Panther trying to get rid of Klaue, who stole some of Wakanda’s vibranium to Erik Killmonger trying to steal the throne away from T’Challa. These plots kept viewers at the edge of their seats. The plot was executed in a wonderful way with many twists, suspense, and action, all of which are needed for any Marvel movie. It all made watching the movie very enjoyable. Overall, the film is an excellent film and is worth taking time out of your day to watch.


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