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Sunsets in Doha

Sunsets in Doha

Gauri S. and Enaya A. April 17, 2021


Doha businesses and industries are likely to suffer significantly from the effects of the pandemic.

Qatar’s business and economy impacted, creativity sparked

Fatima A.S. and Zuhoor A. May 25, 2020

Qatar's national government has tried to stave off the worst of the expected economic effects of the pandemic by instituting several measures. Bloomberg reported in mid-April that Qatar would allow private...

Like many countries, Qatar has advised and now mandated that residents wear face masks outside their homes. Authorities have also asked that we reserve medical and surgical masks for health care professionals. ASD parent Svenja Hampels masks are filling a real need while also enabling ASD students and parents to show some school spirit or splashes of color.

Coronavirus impacts ASD parents’ lives

Hayat R. and Jacob S. May 25, 2020

Health concerns Whether you’re a parent working from home, or a parent who lost a job due to the novel COVID-19 virus, or even a parent who doesn’t work, you are scared. According to Dr. Amine...

ASD community manages physical, mental health hurdles

ASD community manages physical, mental health hurdles

Kelsey D. and Zuhoor A. May 25, 2020

During days of decreased access to PE classes, workout gyms, and sports team practices, many ASD teenagers lacking home gym equipment have struggled to maintain the physique and fitness level they want....

A variety of end-of-year ASD traditions needed to be revamped this year, including the Academics Awards ceremony. One of the up sides was that ASD students themselves sometime had a greater role in the planning and delivery of the various presentations. M. Giaedi (21) served as a student presenter in the video presentation of the Citizenship and other awards this year.

ASD adjusts academics, traditions due to Coronavirus

Tala A. and Zuhoor A. May 25, 2020

The coronavirus has taken the world by surprise, and that is the way it felt for many at the American School of Doha. There have been many changes to how students and teachers maintain their learning online,...

Coronavirus Outbreak: Qatar and ASD respond to crisis

Coronavirus Outbreak: Qatar and ASD respond to crisis

May 25, 2020
The following stories comprise the 2019-20 journalism class' final documentary project. Students documented the impact of the ongoing pandemic as it affected the ASD community. 
Breaking news: School to end May 21

Breaking news: School to end May 21

Claire R., Acila G., and Ranad B. April 21, 2020

Recently, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education announced that private schools could choose the date they would end virtual schooling. As a result, ASD administrators sent an email to parents...

A snapshot of Rami Fakihs home dining room, filled with groceries to last him and his roommate months.

Opinion: While some are rational, other teens blow coronavirus out of proportion

Zuhoor A., Reporter April 7, 2020

Although some teenagers remain calm and rational about this whole epidemic, others are blowing the COVID-19 way out of proportion due to their lack of education on the virus itself. First of all, scientists...

Teneen Virtual School is the website used for teachers to communicate with students (along with applications like Zoom) and assign tasks and tests.

Another week passes; dangers of isolation emerge

Laranya P., Reporter March 31, 2020

Virtual school. What a bittersweet feeling of going to school from home, free to do what you like, so free – in fact – that it’s worrisome. Of course, everyone cherishes the extra half hour of sweet...

This map gives a range of how many cases of Corona there are in each country.

Violations of Covid-19 containment policies?

Claire R., Junior Editor in Chief March 24, 2020

While the growth of new cases of Coronavirus in China over the past three days has slowed considerably, the number of cases in countries such as Italy, France, and Iran has continued to rise.  In...

A student studying for an IB Math exam could benefit from a dose of optimism to achieve an optimal result.

How optimism aids in reducing stress, anxiety, depression

Jacob S., Reporter March 12, 2020

“You have a lot of schoolwork to do and too little time to get it all done. You are just looking over all the work you have to complete this week. You have two tests and a big paper due, all of which...

Reverse Culture Shock inevitable to students

Reverse Culture Shock inevitable to students

Kelsey D., Reporter March 12, 2020

"What people understand is ‘people from another country who have moved here.’ They can get that. They can even understand expats, like Americans or British, and people who have moved to the Netherlands...

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