Challenger baseball at ASD starts up again


Photographer: Qatar Little League

Children from ages 5-19 participate in the different divisions QLL provides. Many ASD students play for both school and QLL teams when they are old enough. Photo from QLL website.

Sydney G., Reporter

Since the beginning of the school year, clubs and activities have gradually started up again as the pandemic slows down. ASD has opened up options for students with in-school activities now taking place. A recent ASD-related activity that began again is Challenger Baseball with Qatar’s Little League, an organization that invites kids to play baseball and softball outside of school.

Challenger baseball is a separate division of the Little League. It offers developmentally and physically challenged children from the ages of 4 to 18 years old the chance to participate in the Little League athletic program. The system of “buddies” from middle and high school, who stay on the field to support the players during games, adds to the program’s inclusivity. Challenger helps encourage differently-abled children to take part in sport-related activities.

One student, S. Green (‘22) who has been a part of the activity as a “buddy” for two years now says, “We are constantly using masks, hand sanitizer and practicing social distancing,” in regards to the pandemic. The buddies and the players are working hard to maintain social distancing while continuing to learn and grow as a team.

Consistency is an important factor in this activity. It was crucial for Challenger to start up again, as they work with children with various disabilities for whom having a constant in their lives like baseball helps improve their social skills and happiness. 

ASD has been opening up opportunities progressively for students to participate in after school or during the weekend, along with trying to make the best of the pandemic and ensuring that students remain actively engaged in physical activities.