Class of ’23 start high school with a treat

The 9th graders passing around a hula-hoop.

Acila G. and Claire R.

For the first time at ASD, counselors organized a 9th grade retreat to kick off the new school year. Freshmen got an exciting fun-filled day where they participated in group activities to bond with each other and their counselors. 

The counselors believed that they did not get to know the class of ‘22 as well as they could have as early as they could have last year. Consequently, they decided to implement a retreat for freshmen as soon as possible.

The students met in the cafeteria and then went on to dancing, a scavenger hunt, pizza and a multitude of other fun events. After a busy and intellectually challenging two weeks of academics, ninth-graders got to know their counselors and each other in far less intense circumstances. Counselor Emilee Tollefson said there was a feeling of “togetherness” at the event.

The ninth-grade retreat was a blast, and the counselors are already “looking forward to [the next ninth-grade retreat] next year!”