CrossCode Game Review

CrossCode Game Review

Luis V., Reporter


In CrossCode, you play as a mysterious character, Lea, who is part of a game called CrossWorlds. Lea has no memories and can’t speak. In the game you journey throughout the many different places in CrossWorlds, meeting new friends, completing quests, and progressing through the main story.

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CrossCode is an extremely fast-paced Action-RPG. The gameplay revolves around the player fighting enemies while solving puzzles to progress or access certain areas. In combat, the player’s playstyle will sometimes have to change in order to deal with new enemies that offer a different threat than other enemies. The game also offers extensive boss battles which are easy in the beginning but increase dramatically in difficulty as the player nears the endgame.

CrossCode also lets the player customize their character in an extensive yet purely functional way. Though the player can’t change Lea’s appearance, Lea’s combat style and moves will be very different depending on how the player chooses to play her. Lea has an extensive skill tree, which gives players the option to obtain passive and active skills in order to fight better. Lea can also equip items that improve her base stats and give her special attributes that allow players to specialize in any way that they want.

Throughout CrossCode, the player will collect four elements that change their stats and abilities, with each element having its own skill tree. Enemies also have elements, which grant the enemy weaknesses and resistances depending on what element the player is using. Each element has its intended purpose but the player can choose to focus their element skills in other areas if they so desire.

The puzzles in CrossCode are also a major portion of the game’s content. The game offers in-depth and complicated puzzles which force the player to think about how to solve them. Puzzles are a required part of the game, meaning that players need to complete puzzles in order to progress the game. The puzzles integrate the element system by adding unique interactions between the player and the environment. The puzzles will surely please any gamer who wants to think and fight at the same time.

CrossCode’s story is also extremely fascinating, captivating the player as he attempts to resolve the mystery of Lea while developing connections and caring for the characters. The story has many twists and turns, with major plot twists near the middle and end. The climax of the game is also extremely entertaining, as it brings a level of satisfaction for the player to complete.


(TL;DR) CrossCode is an extremely entertaining experience. Everything from the customization to the combat, to the puzzles, and even the story are all entertaining enough for any RPG gamer to try it. Everything about this game was made with true care for the enjoyment of the fans, and it shows. If you are a gamer who likes in-depth RPGs, fun puzzles, and a dazzling story, this game is definitely for you.