EFFECT Club organizes battery drive


Photographer: Claire R.

The EFFECT Club’s used battery collection will wrap up this week. Boxes such as this one are located in each of the commons as well as the reception area.

Zaynab L., MS News Section Editor

The energy branch of the EFFECT Club is offering a battery and e-waste collection service for students and staff until Dec. 20. Boxes are currently located in every commons as well as the lobby so people can donate dead batteries to ensure they are sustainably recycled.

R. Dun-Roseman (’20), the leader of the energy branch, explains that “batteries and e-wastes are extremely harmful for the environment due to their chemical makeup. It is essential to ensure that our community is doing everything we can to eliminate the environmental degradation caused.”

The batteries and e-waste will be sent off to the Al-Haya Waste Management facility in Qatar, a service that specializes in recycling batteries and e-waste locally.

ASD graduate Natasha Das (’18) organized a similar battery drive two years ago for the Environmental Club, a service club whose name has now changed to the EFFECT Club. In 2016, the battery drive was a big success.

R. Dun-Roseman (’20)¬† explains, “We actually drew inspiration from the 2016 initiative. As a freshman, I found the 2016 battery drive really helpful because rather than my family having to contact local waste management agencies to figure out what to do with our dead batteries, we were able to just bring them to school and let the Environmental Club do their thing. I hope that students currently find a similar sort of helpfulness in the 2018 battery drive.”

Make sure to donate used batteries or e-waste to the battery boxes in your commons or the lobby so they are disposed of in a sustainable manner.