Effect? More like impact!

Effect? More like impact!

Claire R., Junior Editor in Chief

It’s time to spill some tea!

The Effect Club held a mug drive to supply the “Wash against Waste” initiative in collaboration with Torba Farmer’s Market. L. Idris (‘21), Secretary and Head of the Education and Curriculum Branch, stated, “We hope this initiative can not only be an active example of putting words into action but inspire others to act too, and be an active reminder of the growing sustainability movement in Qatar.”

Already, approximately 30 Effect volunteers signed up for every Saturday from November 16th to December 14th from 8:00 am-12: pm at Torba Farmer’s Market. If you also want to join, contact Ms. Mary May or H. Haidar (‘21). Additionally, if you would like to participate more often, come to the Effect Club meetings held every Monday during lunch. 

Play your part in helping the environment!