EFFECT: Mysteries revealed


Annika T.

What is the story behind EFFECT’s green logo? It’s found everywhere around ASD: near the light-switches in the classrooms, near the paper towels in the bathrooms, and around the commons. Their work can be seen in every nook and cranny across campus.

On ASD Clubs: Mysteries revealed, Annika T. (’21), details the happenings and purposes of some of the 30+ service clubs at ASD.


What is EFFECT? What does the club do?

To those that don’t read Sahifa, listen to the announcements, or walk through the cafeteria, EFFECT is making significant contributions to make ASD eco-friendly. 

Last year, the EFFECT club was able to certify ASD as one of the few Eco-Schools in Qatar. This is an honor bestowed upon schools that implement sustainable strategies to reduce, reuse and recycle organic resources. 

The EFFECT club was able to achieve this accomplishment by eliminating plastic utensils from the cafeteria and replacing them with metal ones. Secondly, they started a composting initiative to reduce food waste throughout the high school. Thirdly, the club emphasizes paper-recycling in ASD. Finally, they encourage various tasks around students’ homes in Qatar to save water and electricity. Every week, EFFECT creates sustainable initiatives to improve our school’s impact on our community.


How does EFFECT function?

EFFECT functions by distributing students into committees based on their interests in achieving various types of positive change. The executive members of EFFECT, which consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, mentor the club members. Everyone participates in the committees that contribute to making ASD more sustainable.

According to the teacher sponsor, Ms. Mary May, there are 7 unique committees available for students to take part in. Each committee has separate goals for the year based on the initiative that their goal represents.

The energy committee aims to reduce the overuse of energy through several means:

  1. Collecting batteries for ASD students to recycle
  2. Implementing solar panels
  3. Educating and partnering with ASD 4th graders on energy usage
  4. Creating a video for the Qatar Young Innovator’s Competition

The garden and compost committee converts food waste into usable materials among other goals:

  1. Compost food waste at ASD
  2. Teaching ASD parents, students, teachers, faculty and workers about composting
  3. Creating pollinator garde(ns
  4. Creating environmentally sound gardens throughout ASD’s campus

To build awareness in our community, the education and curriculum committee has several intentions:

  1. Teaming with LES and UES to create EFFECT ASA for students
  2. Teaming with MS to create MS EFFECT
  3. Collaborating with global issues classes in MS
  4. Entering competitions concerning sustainability

The global understanding committee hopes to reach ASD’s influence into other parts of our country through several means:

  1. Mangroves Trips, where students are educated, explore, and plant trees
  2. Educating the EUS with movies
  3. Animal outreach – PAWS visits
  4. Bringing speakers to ASD on global issues involving the UNSD goals

The 5R’s (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Re-purpose and Recycle) committee aspires to re-purpose materials that would otherwise be thrown away:

  1. Creating a new system of waste collection based on a 90:10 campaign, wherein 90% of waste goes to the 5Rs and 10% goes to the landfill
  2. Reviving the Go Refillable campaign- think before you drink 
  3. Teaming with DEAP to have cleanup trips at beaches
  4. Collecting mugs to donate at Torba Market

The community outreach committee’s purpose is to make sure that the EFFECT club is recognized for its actions:

  1. Create a brand – EFFECT and EFFECT Branches that the ASD community recognizes as a source for information concerning sustainability (economic, equity and the environment- all tied to the UN Sustainable Development Goals)
  2. Creating communications to the ASD community — videos, posters, written work
  3. Supporting the committees of EFFECT in communicating their work to the ASD community

The food choice committee’s goals objective is to raise awareness on how food is wasted and how this can be reduced:

  1. Raising food waste/choice awareness
  2. Bringing healthier and more sustainable food options to ASD


So, how can students get involved in EFFECT?

Ms. Mary May exclaimed that one should “Join EFFECT — Find the branch you are passionate about! Get involved! You must attend the meetings each Monday at lunch. You must be involved with after-school EFFECT on Wednesday or Thursday each week. You must do one activity a month — beach clean up, QAWS visits…” 

One thing is certain; EFFECT has made a profound effect on ASD’s sustainability and environment.

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