Equality For Palestinians, the club for creating change

Victoria G. P., Reporter

Shahd A., a current junior at ASD and the president of the Equality for Palestinians club, described the club with three words; “justice,” “devotion,” and “fulfillment.” 

Founded in 2018, the club raises awareness on the ongoing conflict in Palestine which is currently under Israeli occupation. Under this occupation, access to basic necessities such as healthcare have been difficult to obtain and various human rights have been violated by the Israeli occupation such as not allowing freedom of movement and discriminating against the Palestinians. 

President of the Club, Shahd A (‘23).
(Photographer: Gauri S.)

The club aims to inform people about the Palestine-Israeli conflict and to spread news about the struggles Palestinians endure daily. To accomplish this, they raise money and donate all profits to organizations such as Kiva, which contributes to ameliorating the situation for Palestinians. The club has created several fundraisers, ranging from sticker and pin sales to having a traditional Palestinian food sale.

Speaker series led by members of the club are also a big part of teaching people about Palestinian culture, specifically on their traditional clothing and food among other things. This event has continued this year with a speaker series on influential Palestinians that happened from November 28th-December 2nd. 

Since the club is devoted to teaching people about Palestine and its traditions, the club will be holding various events revolving around the tradition of Palestine, such as a dabka workshop for learning the traditional dance and possibly art and food competitions with a Palestinian theme. 

The club, Equality for Palestinians, is fully committed to helping with the Palestinian strife and increasing people’s knowledge of the current conflict.  If you want to learn more about the club’s mission and upcoming events, make sure to follow the club on Instagram at @equalityforpalestinians.