Game Review: Hearts of Iron 4


Eliott R., Reporter

Hearts of Iron 4 is a World War 2 simulator game where you have the possibility of playing any country in the Second World War, such as Germany, Soviet Union, France, Britain, USA and more. In the game, you can go down the historical path or create your own history. For example, you can make Germany communist in 1938 or take over the world as Australia.   

The thing that I enjoy about the game is the level of micromanaging. For example, you have to research equipment, tanks, planes, ships and more, and then you have to make them in your military factories. Furthermore, I like the modding community. The term “modding” here means editing the game files to make it more fun. They make great mods such as “Old World Blues,” which is a mod about fallout. Fallout is a series of games in which the world has been nuked in oblivion. Additionally, my favorite mod “Road to 56” expands the tech tree and improves the focus trees of countries. 

On the other hand, the game can get boring, especially when you play as the United States because the game can start in 1936 or 1939, and then you have to wait until the US gets dragged into the war in 1941.

Finally, the game was expensive at $60 on Steam before the sale in November. This will be another drawback unless the price comes down permanently.