Girl Up hosts another successful Fauxtique


Photographer: Noor G.

Last year’s Girl Up Fauxtique in the HSPR raised money for the cause of empowering young females in developing countries.

Claire R., Reporter

As many of you have heard, Girl Up hosted a Fauxtique in October to raise money for different education funds. Thanks to the staff and student’s support, Girl Up was able to raise about 3000 QR from this event.

Recently, the club had a gently used clothing sale with a very special outfit — a brand new Monique Lhuillier ball gown! On the email sent out by Mr. Chi Shang, service club coordinator, last week to high schoolers, it was suggested that the dress was very “well-suited for the HS Prom or the Great Gatsby Dinner Dance!” 

The dress had a retail value of $898, which is about the same as 3,270 QR! It was bought by ASD teacher Ms. Stephanie GravelleSi  for 400 QR. The dress was originally donated by Shannade Morgan, the generous mother of one of our very own students.

At the event, donated used clothing was sold for the fundraiser, and many students supported Girl Up by buying items.

The money raised during this event will be used to fund the Machakos Education fund, the school ASD is helping to build in Kenya, as well as several other educational funds for girls who cannot afford their education. All unpurchased clothes were donated to the Shree Bal Mandir School in Nepal and others. D. Wilson (‘19), the senior president of Girl Up, said to “watch out for any events in the future. Our main goal is to get everyone in the school involved in what Girl Up stands for.”

The question is, what is Girl Up doing next? Girl Up plans to start group projects for different assignments and activities. There will be bake sales, fundraisers, and many other activities Girl Up groups will be leading.

A thank you goes out to all the students who bought and donated something during the course of this event. Girl Up hopes to receive more help and support in future events, so be sure to show up later on!