Halloween amidst pandemic

Jenna A., Reporter

With a unique year comes unique experiences. So it’s only fitting that given the whirlwind of a year that 2020 has been so far, Halloween would look a little different. In a typical year, high schoolers spend Halloween trick or treating, hanging out with friends, and going to parties. But given the health concerns that come with COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, large events were no longer feasible or responsible. When asked if she thought Halloween celebrations would need to be different this year K. Kamrava (‘22) stated that yes, if we want future events to go back to normal, we must keep social distancing and COVID restrictions in mind.  Instead, students at ASD spent their Halloween in a variety of COVID-friendly ways.

The Halloween contest organized by STUCO this year for Halloween. (Photographer: STUCO Instagram)

ASD itself held several different STUCO events. The HS Student Council, also known as STUCO, and the ASD Thespian Society worked together to create many exciting events for students to showcase their Halloween spirit. Across all school divisions, children came in wearing eye-catching and dramatic costumes. Students took photos in their costumes in a photo booth by the theater. These photos were then entered into a Halloween costume contest. Students were judged on their effort, creativity, and presentation, and the winner won a 100 QR gift card to Virgin Megastore. The HS Student Council saw no shortage of creative and detailed costumes. 

STUCO and the ASD Thespian Society also teamed up to hold a mask decorating contest. How fitting given the circumstances! The children were asked to create a design on a disposable mask, either Halloween-themed or integrated into their costumes. Students then submitted their designs to a google form for STUCO to judge. Once again, the creativity and ingenuity of the high school student body never fails to shine through, even in these complicated times.

When asked why the school held these events the tenth-grade STUCO representative, N. Chen (‘23) said, “Despite the COVID circumstances, we still wanted to raise school spirit and get as many students involved as possible.”

Other students held their own personal Halloween celebrations outside of school, with unique ways to celebrate this holiday. Some like K. Kemrava (‘22) “got dressed up in a costume and spent the night watching scary movies.” Others like J. Jayaprasad (‘22) ignored the holiday completely and spent Saturday night studying and preparing for the upcoming school week. 

No matter how different Halloween celebrations were this year, it’s clear that the Halloween spirit lives on. Even a pandemic can’t stop this school from having fun!

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