Harry and Meghan ready to give up their royal titles to move to Canada

Meghan and Harry's wax figure at Madame Tussauds London.

Photographer: Aylin S.

Meghan and Harry's wax figure at Madame Tussauds London.

Aylin S., Reporter

Everyone including the royals were blindsided by the news of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepping down from their role as “Senior members of the Royal Family.” The future of Harry and Meghan is unclear; however, many speculations have been made as to what the Sussexes will do.  

According to the BBC, the only detail known is that they will split their time between the United Kingdom and Canada. Both of them will also use their royal titles of His/Her Royal Highness, Duke and Duchess.  Recently, it was reported that both Meghan and Harry, along with their eight-month-old son Archie, are in Canada at the moment. Although their future has captured the interests of Royal fans, what the Queen will say has also been a topic of interest.

In her official statement, the Queen expressed how proud she is of Meghan on how quickly she adjusted to royal life and the royal family, as it is no secret that there are rules to be followed. Her Majesty has also stated her gratitude for the charity work both Harry and Meghan did during their time in the royal family and expressed that the Sussexes will always be much loved members of the family. According to the Queen herself, many decisions were made mutually. 

Buckingham Palace has also put out a separate statement regarding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in which they state that the Sussexes will not take any public funds from the Queen. The statement also revealed that Frogmore Cottage will remain their home in the UK.

As Harry and Meghan’s news came as a surprise to Buckingham Palace, it also came as a surprise to the British public, including some British students here at the American School of Doha. H. Wilson (‘23) thought the matter could’ve been handled differently. She said the Sussexes could have waited to adjust to their new lifestyle to announce their abrupt departure and kept the matter private for the first months.

M. Leeming (‘23) thinks that Meghan and Harry made a good choice in leaving; however, she thinks that it will negatively impact the Royal Family’s reputation as the situation hasn’t been heard of. She also mentioned that in the past the Queen has shortened her funding list, and she thinks it won’t affect funding negatively.

Although Leeming did say that a royal leaving is unheard of, ASD students might just be unaware of the 1936 abdication of Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor. Edward left the throne to marry an American woman. While some may argue that the situations are quite different, the abdication did change the course of the royal throne. 

It is safe to say that the British students at ASD each have their own opinion on the Sussexes giving up the royal life. Their decision can be seen in at least two general ways: positively or negatively. Harry and Meghan are only at the beginning of a new phase in their life, and it is too early to judge.

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