How ASD students survive quarantine


Photographer: Linnea R.

Linnea R.

All around the world, people were forced into their homes and out of their typical routines when COVID-19 spread globally. In the beginning, nobody knew how to cope. But, after a while, staying inside became the new normal and everyone started to adapt. Staying away from friends and most family members was hard on many; most people had to find new ways to deal with the current problems. This turned into a creative outlet and brought light to several new creations. 

With all of their newfound time, people took up new hobbies such as baking, reading, gaming, you name it! Here is a look into what some students in the ASD community did to make their life easier. When L. Mathew (‘24) was asked about what she started doing in quarantine, she said, “I play piano chords while I’m singing now. I also learned a lot of new hairstyles that I’m surprisingly good at.” She is just one among many who have taken up new hobbies. For example, C. Zanolari (‘29) started learning aerial silks, which is a form of dancing performed in the air, during her free time and was able to read lots of new books. 

Both students said that keeping in touch was quite easy since they could contact all of their friends online and set up zoom meetings where they could chat. While the ASD community has learned how to adapt and live with constant uncertainty, everybody has different takeaways. L. Mathews concluded that “sitting around watching Netflix all day isn’t as fun as it sounds.” 

Joining new clubs and discovering new parts of yourself is all part of the experience since everyone has a lot of free time on their hands. There is more time to enjoy activities like reading books and baking. Although the situation is less than ideal, everyone got something out of it.

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