It’s back, that’s fact, get ready to react


Photographer: Ranad B.

Head down to the library to submit a slip now!

The Incognito Pink Panther, Advisor

Get ready, ASD community, because Ask Anonymous is back in business!

After our late start last year, we took a short break over the summer for our staff to recuperate from their jobs and take a vacation. Now that the school year has officially begun, we are ready to continue this new section for the remainder of the year!

For those who don’t know, Ask Anonymous is the advice column for ASD Times. Anonymous submissions are collected and answered in published articles online by our non-paid, not-professional adviser, and the author of this very article. Now, are you wondering what these questions can entail? Well, that’s very simple. Anything!

Do you need love advice? Are you friendships suffering? Do you need advice on any school or personal issues? Then, look no more! This is the section for you! No names, no faces, guaranteed!

To submit a response, we have two simple ways:

  1. Go to the box on the librarian’s desk in the library and fill out a sheet to place in the box.
  2. Submit your issues or questions digitally at Ask Anonymous Google Form Submissions    (Click here!)

While ASD Times does have this section for any type of personal questions, know that a new section is underway for academics questions. Stay tuned on ASD Times to find out more!