JV and Varsity Academic Games take gold in MESAC


Photographer: Omar A.

Last year’s Academic game team meeting to prepare for the tournament.

Gauri S., Reporter

After weeks of intense olympiads and a final two-day tournament, the ASD Academic Games teams emerged victorious, securing first place against five other international schools in the virtually hosted games that took place in early November. Both JV and Varsity teams earned a whopping 50 and 46.5 points respectively.

Each team completed 6 olympiads that covered various topics including ‘Science’ all the way to ‘Current Events.’ The final days of the competition consisted of round-robins — in which all teams took turns playing against each other — as well as a more traditional double-elimination round. 

Virtually hosting the tournament presented its own challenges, but M. Middleton-Shelton (‘23), one of the members of the ASD team, admitted, “It was the best way given the circumstances.” J. Rudolph (24’), another member, added, “I think it was hosted well, apart from the times people accidentally played their audio back into the microphone, creating an infinite loop of slowly rising words.” 

Another big change to the tournament this unique season was the absence of buzzers. S. Ali (’22), a third member, explained the paradox of these devices; “Pressing the buzzer and getting the question is fun, but pressing it and not getting it is pure agony.” 

Aside from the intense competition, some moments made Academic Games truly special. As E. Amir (24’) said, “On the second day, ASD Red was against ASD Blue, and for one of the rounds, May [a red team member] nearly obliterated the blue team with her extensive knowledge of Disney songs, if I remember correctly. We, ASD Blue, still won though. Sorry May.” Similarly, S. Ali (’22) remembers another question, “There was a question on Henry VIII’s wives and I remembered Anne of Cleves because I was obsessed with the Six the Musical soundtrack for a while which ended up giving us 10 pts. At the end of the round somebody in the chat said, ‘whoever got Anne of Cleves cause of Six the Musical is my hero’ and it totally left my mind to get that person’s name so I could maybe be friends with them.” 

Rather than questions, K. Dong Kuk (‘23) reflected back on his hair. “I did not realize that our coach Mr. Reimer was taking photos. I always wear a headband and my hair is always messed up. When he told me that all the photos he took in my messed up hair with the headband would be added into the yearbook, I was so embarrassed.” 

Almost all gamers remember the thrill and excitement of winning, but L. Matthew (‘24) added that “celebrating the victory playing scribble.io was honestly my most memorable moment.”

Despite hurdles, this year’s games were one for the books. As M. Middleton-Shelton (‘23) puts it, the only question left to be answered is, “Any news on when we are getting the medals?”