Mayank’s Movie Review Series #3



Mayank K., Reporter

Atlantis was once the greatest city in the entire world. It is now an underwater kingdom ruled by King Orm, a vicious tyrant, and a terrible brother. In the movie, Orm plans to take over all of the oceanic worlds, and then eventually the surface world too. His only opposition is Arthur Curry, his half-brother, aka Aquaman. Arthur is the true heir to the throne of Atlantis, as his brother was born to a human mother. He goes on an adventure to stop Orm and needs to find the Trident of Atlan to save the world from going under Orm’s control. Watch the movie to know how it ends!

I definitely recommend this movie to comic book fans and fans of the DC Extended Universe. Aquaman is the first movie of the DCEU to come after Justice League, which was critically considered to be a flop. People didn’t have high expectations for the dark concept of the Universe being applied to the Aquaman franchise, and I’m sorry to say that the expectations of the people were just barely met. It received a 7.2 from IMDb, a 65% on the Tomatometer and Rolling Stone rated it 2.5/5. All of these ratings put together account for a rather lackluster film, and it’s time to see why.

One plot hole I found in the movie is that Atlanna, Aquaman’s mother, is from Atlantis and yet can breathe above water, while all the other Atlanteans required helmets full of water to survive. This makes absolutely no sense from a logical standpoint but was probably done as Atlanna is a character that is quite relevant to the story so they couldn’t hide/distort her face for the entire screen time she had.

Another reason that the film wasn’t considered a huge success was because of the bland performance by Patrick Wilson, who plays King Orm. King Orm is Arthur Curry’s half-brother, and because of this, their pairing is often compared to that of Loki and Thor from the Marvel franchise. In comparison to Tom Hiddleston’s marvelous portrayal of Loki through all of the Marvel films he has been in, Wilson’s performance seemed dull. One thing that brings the film back is the lead actor, Jason Momoa, playing Arthur Curry himself. He, in my opinion, is the best live action interpretation of Aquaman.

Interesting tidbit: My opinion could be taken with a grain of salt, considering that the movie produced 1.147 billion USD.

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