Meet the thirteen-year-old basketball sensation: S. Abu Issa


Omar G., MS News Reporter

Like any normal kid, he looked up to his brother.

He played with his brother just for fun, but no one could have ever predicted that this seven-year-old would later make the U-14 Qatar National Team.

S. Abu Issa (’23) is currently training with three different clubs, including the national team.

“I like working as a team,” stated Abu Issa. “I enjoy pushing my capabilities with my clubs to get the win!”

Abu Issa is on the court every single day with the different clubs he’s a part of: Al-Sadd, High Performance, and the U-14 Qatar National Team. He strives to be the best he can be and do as much as he can for his team, in hopes of being on the national team in the future.

“I train with High Performance, and train and play with Al-Sadd and the national team. I’ve always hoped to get the chance to represent Qatar and maybe even make it professionally,” he said. “I play basketball because I love it, but it would be cool for it to be my career.”

Whenever he plays the game, he puts in one hundred percent always, and he is confident going into each game and every practice. “I am always completely confident, even under pressure,” Abu Issa said.

Abu Issa also shared that his most memorable moment was “making a buzzer beater to take the game into extra time.”