Middle school students stretch themselves in Week Without Walls


Photographer: ASD Week Without Walls staff

A 6th grade group raced each other up the sand dunes during one of their Week Without Walls activities.

Hannah S, Reporter

The week of November 18th was a week full of adventures for the middle school students at ASD. Across the three grades, students were pushed out of their comfort zones and bonded with others in their grade levels.

6th Grade

From helping the students at the Sri Lankan School to sliding down the sand dunes, the sixth-grade had an exciting week! They split up into three groups and rotated among activities, such as helping out at PAWS, the animal rescue center. They were meant to go kayaking; however, due to bad weather conditions, they went sand-duning instead. The students also participated in a fun sleepover on the ASD campus, where the students tie-dyed their WWW t-shirts, after a long day at the Water Park.

7th Grade

This year, seventh-graders experimented with many new outdoor activities, such as bushcraft, or wilderness survival skills, and a high ropes course. They stayed at two hotels, one near the Doha Golf Course and the Sharq. They also went camping, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding in Doha.

8th Grade

The eighth-graders traveled to Sri Lanka, where they split into three groups: river, beach, and forest. Some highlights include hiking up a mountain, swimming in the sea, visiting a turtle sanctuary, jumping from steep cliffs, and whale-watching.