Mosaic Creative Arts Club wants to promote your art


Photographer: Fatima A.-S.

Mosaic is an online website that is where ASD students submit their creative art work.

Kelsey D., Fatima A-S.

For talented ASD students searching for an opportunity to show off their creativity, now is the time to get involved in the Mosaic Creative Arts Club.

Are you proud of that poem, graphic novel or art piece you created in class?

Applications for submission for the first online edition of the new school year are now open, and Mosaic is waiting to see original work. This also includes essays, photography, short stories, films, and other creative works. 

In the midst of studying hard, creating artwork is a perfect way for students to relieve stress. This student-led club is working to bring the ASD community together and help students inspire each other.

“There’s definitely a community that’s developing among those that are working in Mosaic” -Mr. Chaffee

To join this community or find out more about it, students can visit the Mosaic website to submit their work or view other people’s projects for inspiration. The site is now more accessible and user friendly. Work for Mosaic will also be included in the 2019-2020 yearbook. 

This is an untitled artwork from one of last year’s submissions as an example for the types of things students are encouraged to submit. Photographer: Joshua Rudisel

The student leaders can be contacted for more information. They include L. Jalbout, Head of PR; A. Prasad, Chief Editor; and P. Mitkiewicz, Content Director, each in grade 11.

For those looking for opportunities to be creative or just to have fun, consider the Mosaic Creative Arts Club. 

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