MS Art Exhibition catches eyes with variety, color

Check out the talent on display!


Photographer: Omar A.

High school junior C. Kim admires the work MS art students put into designing work about role models (OR CELEBRITIES?? HEROES?). Students tried to capture the essence of human icons with their artistic gel paints.

Miranda L., Reporter

If you walk down the hallway by the art department classrooms, you may see some astonishing interplay of color, creativity, and design.

On display now: artwork ASD middle school students have been working on this year. 

It is clear that significant hard work and dedication was put into these pieces by the sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students. From chalk work to fused glass, this exhibit shows off multiple techniques the students have learned and then experimented with over the past quarter.

Photographer: Omar A.

MS art teacher Klara Hermanek stressed the importance of these young students starting art classes at young ages — not just because of fine motors skills and hand-eye coordination they develop, but also to help them learn that it is okay to make mistakes.

 “You have to just make a lot of mistakes and practice,” she said. “[Many people think] that you are just born talented, but really, it just takes a lot of hard work and patience and practice.” Ms. Hermanek said she hopes that students start to feel they are successful because they know that they are doing their best, which is all that matters. 

Ms. Hermankek also encouraged the ASD community to check out the middle-school students’ work soon. She said it is important for young people to display their work and be able to show it off to their friends and family. She noted how some of her sixth-grade students reacted to seeing their work on display: “They realize how important their work is, and they also realize it is important what you do.”

Being able to see other people’s work, as well as their own, can help inspire them for future projects. 

So go down to the theater, and check out the middle school students’ work!

Photographer: Omar A.
Photographer: Omar A.