Musical cast cleans up flood water while singing after show cancellation


Photographer: Rawan I.

Disappointed cast members of Once on This Island put their backs and their voices into the task of cleaning up the theater area after heavy rains and flooding forced the cancellation of their last performance.

Rawan I., Junior Editor-in-Chief

Due to the unexpectedly heavy rain and flooding this past weekend, the final performance of the high school musical, Once on This Island, was canceled. The cast and crew were devastated, but they found a way to sing together one last time while sweeping away the water flooding through the halls of the school.

Heavy showers rained down on Doha Saturday, leaving cars stuck in water and buildings all over the city flooded, including our school. The performance of Once on This Island had been scheduled to take place at 2 PM, and the cast arrived at noon to ready the show. However, as they arrived, rain began seeping into the dressing rooms and leaking through the theater ceiling. The cast and crew were informed by Activities Director Dave Farmer that the electrical systems in the theater were compromised, and it was not safe to perform.

The show was postponed to Monday, when it was once again canceled. “I felt really upset especially since I had gotten close with people in the cast and was really looking forward to one final performance,” said C. Bianchi (’21), a member of the ensemble.

Although the cast was expected to go home after the performance cancellation, they stayed to clean up the theater and the water.

The participating students picked up some mops and sweepers and began to wipe the rainwater out of the halls near the drama room. They then walked around the school checking for and cleaning up other flooded areas.

“We often forget how hard our cleaners work to keep the school beautiful. It was an eye-opening experience to see how much fun the cleaners have together and just exactly how hard they work. It felt nice to help, but I think the ones who deserve the praise for cleaning the school are the workers,” said D. Wilson (’19), who played a Storyteller in Once on This Island.

While mopping, the remaining cast sang through the first act of the musical one last time as they worked with Acciona cleaners and ASD teachers to remove the water from indoors.

“I wanted to help because I felt like it was my own home that was flooding,” said Wilson. “I’ve spent countless hours in the theater, and it was scary to see a place that I hold so dearly to my heart in danger. The mopping was physically exhausting, so the few of us who were helping needed to keep our minds occupied, and we had the songs down by muscle memory. We all arrived at school with the impression that we were going to be able to perform those songs for an audience of friends and family, but instead, we used them to pick ourselves up after some devastating news. It felt a little ironic. Once on this Island is a story of a girl whose life was changed for the worse in a rainstorm, and our final performance was canceled by a flood. We’ll never know whether Ti Moune’s life could have been better if she’d never met Daniel, just like we’ll never know if our Saturday performance was going to be everything we wanted it to be.

“Saturday would have been my last show at ASD, and after doing theater at the school for eight years, it’s devastating that I don’t get the closure that I feel I deserve. However, I got to spend six beautiful, stressful weeks with the people I love and music that I love. And in the two shows that we did get to perform, I got to share the stress and the beauty with the world!”

Despite the world raining down on them they found a way to make the best of it through music and cleaning.



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