New Feature: An Issue in 3D

November topic: Is the ASD community doing enough about students' mental health?


Rida F., Senior Editor-in-Chief

The ASD Times is interested in getting a wide variety of opinions about even the most controversial issues! That is why we are launching An Issue in 3D.

The concept is simple: each month we will focus on a new topic or issue, and we will publish three select perspectives:

(1) from a student,

(2) from an ASD faculty or staff member, and

(3) from an ASD parent.

Each submission should be a maximum of 200 words. They are due November 30, and should be submitted to this Google form. One submission for each perspective will be selected.

This month’s prompt is “Is the ASD community doing enough about students’ mental health?”

Good luck to all participants. The ASD Times editors look forward to reading your responses!

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