New preschool classes starting next year


Photographer: Myriah M.

Construction of pre-school classes near Gate 6.

Myriah M., Reporter

Starting at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, ASD will be implementing a new preschool program. They are currently constructing a two-room building near gate 6 for the new classes, with room to expand if necessary. While the Pre-3 classes will be part of the early childhood program at ASD, they will follow a new curriculum that is still being developed and not the standard-based system used in Pre-4 through Grade 12. 

The hope is that opening up classes for younger children will help to provide a stronger foundation for students beginning school to support ASD families. When asked why it is important to open classes for three-year-olds, Ms. Linnea Maloney, a current preschool teacher at ASD, emphasized that “early childhood development is so important … so when they come into Pre-4, they’ll have a lot more foundational skills ready … It’ll support their social and emotional needs at a much younger age.” 

Additionally, in Qatar, once a child is too old for nursery, they must attend preschool. This unfortunately leaves many children too young to enroll in a Pre-4 class. This dilemma can be taxing on ASD families as it may split siblings between schools or require children to be looked after in the time between daycare and school. The new classes will fill a needed place in the community. 

To conclude, Ms. Maloney surmises, “I think that it supports everybody.”