No Man’s Sky Game Review

No Mans Sky Game Review

Luis V., Reporter


Mysteriously waking up on an unknown planet, you, the traveler, must collect resources to repair your ship and equipment in order to venture out among the stars in search of answers. Befriend multiple species, fight in massive dogfights, amass a giant fleet, and build outposts in an attempt to make your own place among the galaxy.

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No Man’s Sky is mainly an exploration game, sprinkled with many different activities to do in order to improve your experience. Players will find that they have an extremely large number of options to choose from in terms of gameplay.

No Man’s Sky lets the player choose from four different game modes at the start: normal, survival, permadeath, and creative. The normal game mode is self-explanatory, with it being the default game experience. The survival game mode is a harder version of normal, with resources being more scarce and threats being more dangerous. Permadeath is very similar to survival except that you only have one life; if you die, that’s it. Creative lets the player experience No Man’s Sky with unlimited resources, allowing them to embrace their creativity.

The galaxy of No Man’s Sky is very alive. The planets’ ecosystems are largely distinct from one another, with the different biomes behaving very differently. The animals in No Man’s Sky are, for the most part, unique. It is very possible that the player will find peculiar species on planets, and sometimes they may find a species which is very similar to another. No Man’s Sky also has quite a few different intelligent species, giving the player the option to converse and take missions from many different kinds of aliens.

No Man’s Sky revolves around the player. The player chooses what they wish to pursue and the game changes alongside that. The player can choose to become a farmer, merchant, pirate, mercenary, or simply a wanderer. There is immense customizability in No Man’s Sky, letting players have a large role in deciding their experience. Players, in the late-game, can create giant fleets which can then perform many tasks including trade and combat. Players also have their own personal ship which they can replace or upgrade.

One of the major drawbacks for people about No Man’s Sky was its rocky launch. Back when it was first released, the game was missing many of the features which were promised during development. Now, No Man’s Sky has finally reached a point where many of the promises made are actually fulfilled. The game now offers fully functional multiplayer options as well as a more diverse and lively galactic ecosystem. Even if in the past No Man’s Sky was a disappointment, I believe that the several updates to it make the game deserve a second chance.


(TL;DR) No Man’s Sky has come back from its rocky launch to become a fully functional sci-fi exploration game with many features that are sure to let the player enjoy their experience to the maximum. The game offers a large array of options for the player to choose and experience, creating a well-rounded game for the casual and experienced gamer.