Opinion: Horror films are not scary anymore


Photographer: The Playlist

Taken from The Playlist website depicting some of the best horror films of all time.

Jacob S., Reporter

It’s late at night and you’re home alone watching a scary movie. As the dumb protagonist decides to explore the creepy basement the music suddenly stops. Then suspenseful music begins to play, you’re on the edge of your seat. Then something jumps out and a loud noise is made, but then you see that it is just a computer generated creature that’s not really that scary. That’s just what happened when I watched The Conjuring 2.

When I started watching more new horror films, I noticed it was a common theme to create ‘scary’ monsters from computers. This ruins movies and makes them so much less scary. Their movements are unnatural and the graphics just look fake. 

I am a horror film fanatic, and with Halloween just around the corner I’ve been watching a lot of ‘scary’ movies. Ranging from the classics to modern films and I have concluded that today’s horror films are just not as scary as they used to be. 

There is a big difference between the classics and modern horror movies. Classics have a well thought out storyline, and sometimes you have to think about it. 

For instance, The Shining is a movie that you have to think about, and it’s still not entirely clear how it ends. 

Conversely nowadays, the storylines have become repetitive. It’s easy to predict what will happen during the course of the movie. They’re no longer clever nor catch you off guard, in turn making them less scary. 

In addition to the predictable storylines, the modern day horror film acting is so bad. With very few exceptions, the majority of horror film actors rely on the suspense and graphics of the scene. They don’t take the entire story into consideration. 

Even if they tried, it would be incredibly difficult because the story is normally just as badly written. 

The acting in classic horror films (The Shining, Nightmare on Elm Street, Psycho) is evidently much better. They didn’t have special effects to make an actor scary. The Exorcism is a great example, the actress had to create that character by herself. With the help of special effects makeup she could embody a possessed person. There was no fancy gadgets to help her. 

This proves how much better acting used to be.

I’m sure you would agree with me that horror films nowadays are no longer scary. With their predictability, horrible script writing, and bad acting, it’s obvious the classics are better. So when you’re choosing a scary movie to watch this Halloween night, find one of the classics and I’m sure you’ll be more spooked than any other horror film. 

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