Opinion: Online learning is NOT ideal for students

Hayat R., Reporter

More than 85 countries have closed schools nationwide due to the novel Covid-19 that was recently announced a pandemic by WHO. Qatar, being one of the 85 countries, announced its closure of schools on March 9 “until further notice.”

ASD, one of many schools in Qatar that closed down, took extraordinary measures to prepare their students for the closure of schools. However,  in my opinion, no matter how much ASD prepared their students, TVS (Teneen Virtual School) would be a difficult transition for the students. 

ASD has taken extreme measures to ease the transition of distance learning for the students if the schools were to close down.  ASD began preparations for more than a month, from demo online zoom meetings to grade assemblies informing the students about what an online learning school situation would look like.

GEMS American Academy, another school in Qatar, did not prepare as well as ASD did, however. A student attending GEMS, who wishes to remain anonymous, reveals that “GEMS did not prepare their students whatsoever for online school learning, and it was mostly a shock and panic response from the school after the ministry announced the closure of schools.” 

 Although ASD has taken every measure to provide comfort and security for the students easing into virtual learning, there have been similar responses of frustration in the students in both ASD and GEMS.

Student N. Al-Khoury (‘20) at ASD says, “I never thought I’d say this, but I miss school and I would do anything to go back… virtual learning is just not my style of learning.”

Z. Al-Fardan (‘20) also states that “ASD does a great job at keeping us busy at home, but learning lessons at home is quite distracting because you’re not really in the mindset to learn because of the connotation a home gives you.” She then continued to say that “online learning is not ideal for me at all… It’s very hard to focus and motivate myself to get the job done when there are so many distractions in my house.”

Additionally, many students, mostly the seniors, are unmotivated to learn and do work due to the cancellation of exams and important school events such as prom and graduation. 

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