Opinion: Populism on the rise in Europe. We should be careful.

Eliott R., Reporter

About two months ago, a gunman suspected of killing nine people at two shisha bars in Germany was found to have had a far-right background. In Italy, Matteo Salvini, the leader of Italy’s far-right party, tried to topple the government twice from the sidelines. In France, the Yellow Vest protests destroyed public property and injured local law enforcement to have their demands met.

I strongly believe that the world should be careful with Europe because I am afraid of another war starting there. This terrifies me because of the majority of my family living in France. Furthermore, countless innocents could die from the conflict. As we know, the Second World War was the most devastating conflict in human history, and more than 60 million people died. Today, almost every country in Europe has nuclear weapons; there is the possibility that a nuclear war could break out.

Right now in Europe, there are multiple reasons for the increasing support for populism. The main one is that people are unhappy with the number of immigrants in their country and receiving aid from their government. An example of this would be in France where they are accepting all immigrants, and the majority of them get jobs; however, a small number of them don’t get jobs and the government is paying them money. This minority makes the French population angry because they think they have to work to get their money, and the government pays immigrants, and some of them don’t even work for it.

My last words to you are, be careful about populist politics in Europe and read the news. It’s very important to be knowledgeable about this subject; the far right and the far left were elected because of people not knowing what either party was about.


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