Opinion: Right-wing sentiment rising in the West, but no need to be concerned

Marco S.

Marco S., Reporter

The right-wing in Europe and America is rising, so the question is, should we be worried? I would say no. In most of these situations, the right has not done anything that could be considered as bad. Most people would have Trump as an example or the nationalism that is in Europe such as Hungary and Italy. Some would also think of Britain leaving the EU, but there is nothing to really worry about in any of these examples.

Hungary built a border fence, but that is to defend their border from immigrants. Thousands of immigrants have flooded Hungary, and for a small country like Hungary, it might be hard to support these immigrants, so it is not a bad thing that they make a border fence. They are right to have done this since they are just protecting their interests and their citizens. Despite this, the EU has made actions against Hungary due to the border fence.

Some people might complain about Trump and his policies, but there is not much that he has done over his presidency; most of the bad things he has done, most politicians and Presidents have also done before. For example, he has lied and bent the truth, but most politicians have also done these things. So there is not much to worry about or much that we can do because there will be no one better to replace him with.

There is also a rise of nationalism within Italy just like in Hungary. Their reason is based on threats from too many immigrants. There are millions of them going into Italy, and if Italy simply lets them all in, there would be a mess in Italy. For example, how is Italy supposed to support millions of people coming into their land? Most of the people coming into Italy are not technically enabled by the government, but instead are being transported by NGOs. The government is doing a lot to stop this; for example, the government is trying to get information out of certain NGOs, including where they get their funding. According to the Guardian, some NGOs responsible for transporting migrants have had to pay fines of up to 5,500 euros, and they need specific permission from the government to rescue migrants.

In Germany, the right-wing opposition is growing, due again to the large number of immigrants entering Germany. They are mainly in what was formerly East Germany under communist control. The opposition has made protests despite the government trying to toughen their stand against immigrants. 

Sweden had a backlash of its current government also due to the number of immigrants and how much crime was committed by them. According to the Swedish Crime Prevention Agency, immigrants are suspected of committing more than 58% of crimes in Sweden in 2017, while representing less than 35 percent of the population. This is a common theme across Europe and European countries due to the policies that the EU has made. For example, in the Mediterranean, some groups try to rescue migrants and people in need, but what do they do with the migrants after they are rescued, what happens to the natives and the work and culture that they have? The EU is basically forcing all of its members to help with the migration crisis, whether they like it or not.

Britain’s leaving the EU can also be seen as a rise of another right-wing government. This, however, is up to the people. Brexit was decided by a democratic vote of the people, and they have a good reason for leaving since there has also been a free-movement policy that has caused problems for the UK. Within the EU, immigrants who had been in France or Greece, have been easily able to go to Britain, and most British people do not want this situation. But this isn’t the only reason Brexit happened. EU laws are enforced throughout Europe where there are different situations and types of people, yet the EU still applies the same laws to all nations.

There has been a rise of right-wing groups and parties in the Western world in the recent past. This is mostly because the people there feel a common problem, and they are trying to stop it. They are rising up to represent the people who elected them since people feel like there is a problem that is being caused by the former governments in the West. 

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