Opinion: Specialty/Magnet high schools are more rigorous than regular high school

Jacob S.

Jacob S., Reporter

A lot of students are required to take certain courses that won’t benefit them in university and don’t get enough classes that they would prefer to take. It’s really frustrating when they could take more classes catered towards their career. Or what they might want their career to be.

Specialized high schools are an option. Also known as magnet schools, specialized high schools are selective public schools for students who excel artistically and academically. These schools have a separate (optional) admissions process from the general high school admissions process.

However, these kinds of high schools are very limited in locations and the courses are extremely difficult. Essentially, they’re two schools in one! Imagine having to go to two high schools at the same time!

I believe high schools should simply let students take the courses they would like to and have the ‘core classes’ catered towards their career path. For instance, instead of an arts major taking geometry, they might take a finance class. Instead of a science, they could take a life skills class. This also prepares students for the real world where geometry and biology might not be used as much for some students.

I conducted an interview with a student from Texas who used to go to the High School of Performing and Visual Arts. He shares the challenges and benefits of going to a magnet high school.