Orphan Relief Club raises funds for Mexican orphanage


Casa Hogar is an all-male orphanage located in Toluca, Mexico, and it was founded in 1986. Here, a group of boys can be seen eating the results of a successful cooking lesson, one of the indispensable life skills being taught for ensuring a smooth transition into the future.

Laranya P., Reporter

Toluca, Mexico. That’s how far the Orphan Relief Club’s impact reaches. This year, they are raising money for Casa Hogar, an orphanage in Mexico, founded in 1986. With a mission to give a brighter future to young, homeless people, the Orphan Relief Club believes that Casa Hogar is the ideal orphanage to contribute to, making a positive difference in children’s lives.

Casa Hogar’s mission is remarkably similar to that of the Orphan Relief Club’s — to give kids an opportunity to grow as individuals while changing their perspective on life. There, they can become responsible, independent citizens by teaching essential life skills, such as caring for themselves, cooking and cleaning, and they are sent to a school to get a good education to secure their future.

Considering Casa Hogar’s sincerity and genuineness, the Orphan Relief Club will directly supply them with necessities like winter clothes, school supplies, toys and much more. 

The Orphan Relief Club has plans are in the making for an Elementary Movie Night, as well as a Beauty Pageant for the upperclassmen. In the past, they have held trivia nights, video game tournaments, and other elementary school activities that allowed them to raise a lot of money. This year their main goal is to collaborate with other clubs.

“What we are looking to achieve through these events is to raise as much money for the Casa Hogar in order to keep improving the living conditions of the kids, as well as supply them with winter clothes, school supplies, and any other necessities.”

– M. D’Hooghe (’22)

If you are interested in joining this club, email E. Ji (’20) at 20eji@asd.edu.qa to be put on the email list. They are also going to have a stall at the upcoming Maker Fair, so you can check them out. Meetings take place in room 2305 every other Thursday, and everyone is welcome, so be sure to stop by to help! 

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