Pep rally stakeholders balance Spirit Week responsibilities

Nora K.

Nora K., Social Media Manager

“Honestly, it’s a really stressful time for all of us in the VCC. Trying to figure out how to get everyone hyped up about the pep rally while also making sure that we don’t advertise too much on our social media is a real balancing act,” said J. Webb (‘21), a Varsity Club Council (VCC) representative, when speaking about the lead-up to the recent pep rally.

The pep rally! An event that takes place on the second day of Spirit Week every sports season, also a widely known American tradition that has been upheld for decades. The American School of Doha takes part in this display of pride towards our school as a send-off for our teams before they compete in the various competitions.

However, this year things have been slightly different. Because the varsity basketball teams left to compete in their tournament in South Africa earlier than they would have if they had been playing in traditional Season 2 MESAC tournaments, the original Jan. 27 date had to be changed. During an intense VCC meeting with all of the student representatives as well as Mr. Dave Farmer and Mr. Jimmy Leeper, the VCC decided that the pep rally was going to be moved a week prior to when it was originally intended to be. With the pep rally set to have been moved from Jan 27 to Jan 20, a full week prior, the VCC was ready to move forward with the dates.

One of the problems created by the shift was the short one-week notice given to the teams, according to VCC representative I. Montiel (’20).

“It was so difficult to try and work around everyone’s schedules. All of the different teams had different needs they needed to have fulfilled by us,” said Webb.

This sudden date change also proved to be difficult for the dance team, as they still needed to complete the remainder of their piece and polish the choreography that they had already prepared for the pep rally. “Hearing that the date of the pep rally had been moved a full week before when it was supposed to be definitely came as a shock to all of us. We were so worried and anxious that we wouldn’t have enough time to finish what we started, and that scared all of us,” commented J. Scott (‘20), co-captain of the dance team.

“It was crazy. I was sitting there at the meeting with everyone around me talking about moving the pep rally to an earlier date while also messaging the dance team group chat to keep them updated on what was happening. The most intense twenty minutes of my life, I swear,” Montiel, a VCC member who is also a member of the dance team, stated.

Following the meeting, the VCC finally came to the conclusion that the pep rally would be moved to Feb. 10 — after all of the teams return from their respective competitions.

The changing date of the pep rally did not affect some as severely as others. “I mean, okay, it really didn’t change that much for me, to be honest. I can see how it would stress other people out, though. All of the teams help make the pep rally be what it’s supposed to be– fun. It doesn’t feel complete without all of them there,” C. Brewer (‘20), a varsity boys’ soccer player, expressed, making it blatantly clear that, while some are maybe not as ‘stressed out’ about the event in general, it is still an important and integral part of the ASD experience as a whole.

S. Fouda (‘20), a senior on the varsity boys’ basketball team, said that even though the pep rally was not his “favorite part” of high school, he “always had fun being a part of something bigger than one team.” He continued to say that he “love[s] the way that everyone comes together and can’t wait to be a part of [his] second-to-last pep rally at ASD.”


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