Polish youth choir visits to collaborate with ASD choirs


Photographer: Ashley T.

Don Diri Don Choir performed "Mama Mia" for ASD music students' delight and enjoyment.

Rawan I., Junior Editor-in-Chief

When ASD music teacher Ms. Stephanie Gravelle was forced to be absent from a choir lesson last week, she did not just leave a substitute teacher for her class, but rather an entire Polish choir.

The Polish youth choir known as “Don Diri Don” visited our school to perform and collaborate with ASD choirs Nov. 1.

The day kicked off with vocal warm-ups and exercises that allowed the Polish students to mingle with ASD students in the Treble and Mixed Choirs. After the vocal warmups, they helped during a workshop in which their director Dariusz Dyczewski critiqued a performance by the Mixed Choir. Mr. Dyczewski heard the ASD group perform the song “The May Night” composed by Johannes Brahms and offered helpful suggestions.

Following the workshop, the groups presented a performance of a collaborative piece titled “Can You Hear Me?” which involved the use of ASL.

At the end of the hour-long rehearsal was a wonderful final performance involving both choirs. It began with a Solfege song, followed by a piece titled “Mama Mia” which featured wonderful choralography. The concert closed off with the Mixed Choir singing “The May Night” and then with goodbyes to the wonderful students who visited.



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