Pre-Med club spreads awareness for breast cancer

Pre-Med club spreads awareness for breast cancer

Photographer: Pre-Medical Club

Dania Q., Section Editor

The Breast Cancer Awareness introduction Instagram slide from this year. (Photographer: Pre-Medical Club)

The month of October 1 to October 31 is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in which organizations like the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Pink Fund campaign to spread awareness about breast cancer. To help raise more awareness, the members of the Premed Club have been creative in their approach while coronavirus has put a stop to all in-person extracurricular activities, and in doing so, have even inspired others to participate.

“I put my Zoom background as pink to spread awareness. It reminded other people in my class to do the same as people changed their background during class to also spread awareness,” says N. Fatima (‘24).

This highlights the difficulty of participating in activities while the pandemic shows no signs of ending. Instead of showing up in person to meetings and planning events, many clubs now meet on Zoom and do most of their work virtually. 

“I attended an optional hour-long Zoom meeting to learn more about the signs and significance of breast cancer,” remarked Fatima. 

Coronavirus may have made it difficult for students to go about their lives, but we’re adapting.

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