Red Line of Qatar Metro opens in Doha

Zaynab L.

Zaynab L., MS News Section Editor

In a two-day span last week, more than 100,000 people boarded the newly opened Red Line South of the Doha Metro. The line currently stretches from Al Qassar to Al Wakrah, a path which includes 13 of the 18 Red Line stations. This service is essentially a preview of the Qatar Rail, which is set to open in 2020 prior to the 2022 World Cup.

The line is currently open from Sunday to Thursday for public use but takes a break over the weekend to progress the work required to open other lines and stations.

According to Nayal Redena, a station worker at the Al Qassar station, many customers are excitedly entering the metro station to try out the newly opened Red Line. Furthermore, since the current day pass on the metro is only 6 riyals, it is affordable to the wide variety of income levels in Qatar. She explains that the metro is making transportation more practical for residents in Qatar through its cost efficiency and speed.

Lubna Kassery, an Indian expatriate living in Qatar, explains that the newly opened Metro is “comfortable and time-saving” in the morning because she doesn’t have to take her car out to West Bay and search for parking. She believes she will not be using her car for a long time due to the opening of the Metro being more practical for her to get to work.

Although the Red Line is probably not practical for students at ASD going to school or going around Qatar because it is not proximal to inner city locations, it provides an excellent preview of what is to come in the future. The Yellow Line, which is set to open in 2020, will include an Al Waab station which may be practical for students coming to school from far away places.

Currently, the Red Line South acts as a preview of what is to come in the future.

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