Science Department: Mr. Chi-Yan Shang

Mr. Shang

Photographer: Gabriela D.

Mr. Shang

Ella P. and Gabriela D.

Mr. Chi-Yan Shang has been a teacher here at ASD for 13 years, starting in 2005, although he has been teaching for 16 years overall. Originally from Alberta, Canada, Mr. Shang spent most of his summers in Hawaii, and in parts of Europe and Asia. He started his studies in pre-veterinary medicine, but after shadowing a vet for while, he realized that he could not deal with gore and switched to archeology. After working in Ghana for a few years, Mr. Shang returned home. In his own words, however, he was still suffering from the “travel bug,” so he traveled overseas again and came to ASD. Although he now does not have many hobbies, when he was younger he was involved in show-jumping. Preferring not to give any general philosophical advice to students, Mr. Shang says that it’s best to depend on your own merits first.

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