Shrek Junior wows ASD community


Photographer: James Kulpa

The entire cast of Shrek Jr. obviously enjoyed the experience of bringing to life the whimsical anti-fairy tale story through acting, song and dance.

Mariam G., Reporter

ASD middle schoolers brought a disparate group of fairy tale characters to life in the eccentric Shrek Jr. with many twists that didn’t follow the norm of their usual stories for three triumphant nights in March.

Based on the 2001 DreamWorks film, which was based on the 1990 book written by William Steig, the musical version of Shrek Jr. was created in 2008. All the versions take an unusual twist on original, somewhat predictable, fairy tales.

Although they played a supporting role, out of the limelight, ASD’s stage crew had a great time producing Shrek Jr., too.                                            Photographer: James Kulpa


With an almost satirical outlook on how original fairy tales are structured, Shrek Jr, the version done by ASD’s middle school, had a delightful cast that was made up of characters from fairy tales and familiar children’s stories. The actors in Shrek Jr. embraced their colorful costumes and personalities — from the Big Bad Wolf to Three Little Pigs and Pinocchio — and they stayed in character throughout the entire musical.


The Wicked Witch character laments the fairy tale characters’ expulsion from their homes by the terrible Lord Farquad. Photographer: Judy Priest

Throughout the musical, the protagonist is seen as a villain, while most of the supporting cast, the fairy tale creatures, are dehumanized and seen as freaks. Many of them deal with bad endings or sob stories just as Shrek does, except they have hope for a better future, whereas Shrek is generally pessimistic since he’s dealt with being kicked out of his home at the age of seven and seen as a beast. Fortunately, for the characters and audience members alike, all ends happily, and each performance was answered with great applause.

Ms. Gwyneth Van Son directed the production.  The lead part of Shrek was played by M. Sarciaux (’22), and Fiona was played by K. Kersting (’23).


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