Some follow non traditional roads

January 21, 2020

The majority of ASD high school graduates plan on doing four-year university; however, some are looking in other directions…

Other Schools

In ASD not all our seniors go to college after graduating, they go to alternative schools, such as technical schools where students learn specific skills such as coding, engineering, aviation, makeup, modeling, or dance. Some seniors plan to go to vocational schools or two-year college programs because they hope to benefit from a higher chance of employment and from the wide range of courses and programs offered. Additionally, many of these school programs cost less than four-year universities. 

Gap Year

Others prefer to take a gap year after high school, Gap years are years when a student stops going to traditional school, often just a short gap before returning to traditional school programs. These students are maybe unsure of what they wish to study in college, or what field they want to work in. Therefore, they take some time to think about it, or they want to take a year to travel or do humanitarian work. Afterwards, they will return more motivated, and maybe more financially aware.

Military Service

After graduating, some ASD students will do military service. According to World Population Review,  some of the countries that have mandatory military service for most or all of their male population are Nigeria, Germany, Denmark, Russia, China, Brazil and Sweden. The extent of national service depends on the country. For example, in Russia, the people have a choice to join willingly; however, some are conscripted, on the other hand in Germany people between the ages of 17-23 are allowed to join the military, since conscription ended in 2011.

Finally, some seniors are aiming for the military, by choice or by obligation. For those who choose to go, they can either enter a military academy in order to become an officer or enlist directly but at a low rank.  After serving prescribed times, they will have benefits such as free college.


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