Some Qatari students now required to follow new military policies

January 21, 2020

In Qatar, boys who finish high school are required to partake in service military training. Females do not take part in the training. According to Mohammed Al-Sulaiti, general in the Qatar Military, in Qatar the military is associated with mainly men. There has always been a type of stigma against women working in defense and putting them on the front lines. However, in the past five years, women have been very involved. He said that there is a strong possibility that Qatari women will have to go through the service in the future.

Some boys aren’t required to go to the military. If a boy gets a sponsorship from the military, then he does not need to go.

If he is the only son in the family, he has the option of deciding, and if he decides to go into medicine, then he is not required to go. The reasoning is that if a war should break out, the young man would still be taking part by helping the military effort.

According to the Qatar Legal Portal, not going to the service without a valid excuse can lead to two years jail time and passport suspension.

A counselor at the American School of Doha said that no ASD transcripts are sent to the military. Students apply to their university choices, and after hearing about their acceptance, they go to the service. When students get accepted, they may either go straight into uni or into the military service.  The high school does not communicate directly with the military at all.

Mohammed Al-Sulaiti said, “It used to be one man representing each family, but after the blockade, newly  implemented laws were in practice so that more people can know how to act if anything were to happen to the country. The military helps discipline undisciplined boys. A lot of skills are taught and a lot of training takes place.”

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